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Gallery of our work

Wheel Rims

As basic or as fancy as needed, an amazing abundance of colors and styles to choose from.

Smokers & BBQ's

Extreme heat coatings available for almost any project requiring protection against high temperature.

Custom Iron work

Ultra customize a unique piece of your work. Multiple textures and colors available to distinctly highlight creativity. This includes everything from tractor seats to gates and railing.

wine tank stands

Large capacity ovens provide for large caliber jobs, whether they are long, wide or tall.

Mass production

Protect large quantities of product at the same time for efficiency.

Mechanical performance pieces

Versatility and functionality for all sorts of agricultural or mechanical needs. Even Federal Standard paints available.

Custom car chassis

The first touch of a one of a kind restoration.

custom car frame


go carts & golf carts

Be unique from the rest with memorable differences such as bright powder coat on frames.

Bicycle Frames and forks

Custom masking available for unique looks and styles

Motorcycle and off-road parts

Suspension components, frames, forks, any small parts and brackets.  Even available in chrome powder coat.

Custom Iron work

From small door pulls to towel bars to curtain rods, awnings and fixtures.  Many textures and contrasts in stock for one of a kind accents to the home.

Auto components

Oil pans, differentials, trans cases, drive line, headers, trim and more can be cleanly coated to make look new or original.

3d Art Sculpture

When looking for that unique touch that also offers protection to fine art pieces, powder coat in a variety of textures and colors.

outdoor decor

Everything from ornamental pieces, stands, and planters.

lawn & Patio furniture

Restore and protect the entire set.  Resistant to heat and weather, pick a texture and new color to revitalize you patio or yard.

commercial signage

Transform and pique curiosity with bold and colorful custom powder coated sign applications. It's a great investment that proves quality is your business

bathroom fixtures

Save money and time by restoring with powder coat instead of buying new.

Before & After Gallery

Cat Sculpture Before


Cat Sculpture After


Steel Cat Garden Hose Holder


Seats Before


Seats After


Wheel Rim


Livestock Feeders Before


Livestock Feeders After




Playground Whale Before


Playground Whale After


Motorcycle Seat


Lawn Furniture Before


Lawn Furniture After


Boat Propeller